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DB's Tax and Business Consultants, LLC

Services for Individuals

At DB’s Tax and Business Consultants we take a look at everything – the big picture – to help you reach your financial goals while minimizing your tax liability legally.

  • Tax Preparation – 1040, 1040A,1040EZ
  • Review of prior returns for possible missed deductions
  • Offer and Compromise (OIC) – All States and IRS
  • Overall tax planning strategy
  • Audit Representation
  • Tax Debt Negotiation-IRS and All Taxing Agencies
  • Full-Service Accounting (for Sole Prop – Schedule C businesses)

Sole Proprietor Assessment Questions

Are you using the IRS as a forced savings plan instead of taking control of your own money?

We can help you find money to maximize the dollars you have available for a comfortable retirement or putting your children through college. When you keep your money you can earn the interest instead of the government.

Are you really taking advantage of every tax benefit to get you closer to your retirement goals?

There is one thing you can start doing today that has the potential to “super size” your deductions leaving more money available for your retirement investments.

Would you like to know if you qualify to settle your debt with the IRS for pennies on the dollar?

We offer a free assessment to see if you qualify for debt settlement with the IRS and all tax agencies. We take a look at what you owe today and make an offer to the government as a contract to reduce your tax debt pennies on the dollar. Everyone does not qualify and that’s what we help you determine – if you qualify for the program.

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