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Special Education Schools

DB’s Tax and Business Consultants can assist you in setting up a non-public special education schools. Non-public special education schools (NPSES) are private schools – somewhat like charter schools.

They deal with special education only where the child has some type of abnormal learning circumstance such as a child who lives in a group home who has suffered some type of emotional trauma that puts their learning ability at less than a normal everyday kid.

Children need an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) to qualify to attend an NPSES.

The children learn the same curriculum as a public school, but it is taught in a different way. NPSES can be in a residential area in a home, in a church building, or other non-public school setting. There are special considerations when choosing a location for a non-public special education school.

Starting a Non-Public Special Education School

We have people we work with at the State Board of Education and we help you from the essential first steps in preparing to set up a non-public special education school to the day you open your doors to students. From zoning variances, teacher selection, grade grouping, contracting with your school district, accounting setup, etc. An NPSES is for profit even if  it is affiliated with a non-profit organization (separate accounting is necessary).

If you are considering starting a non-public special education school, contact us to make sure you get set up correctly. If you are already a functioning NPSES, we can work with you to ensure your accounting and bookkeeping systems have been set up correctly.

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